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Fenetre have a number of support options
which are provided for the sole benefit of
our valued clients.

Please take time to submit a considered request
for support, via either the WebSupport Portal,
SMS or telephone.
The WebSupport Portal is a restricted area for Fenetre clients only. Within your own unique portal is a history of tickets, faq and an option to submit and progress issues.
The personal portal provides an ever increasing number of faq's which provide a range of ready made answers to some of the most requested support matters .

The most appropriate 'vehicle' for support issues is via the WebSupport Portal. Nonetheless if for some reason this cannot be used, and a support request can be logged via SMS. To use SMS support the client must follow the following format....

<smshelp@fenetre.net><space><ACCOUNT NAME brief support request text> to 07766 40 41 42

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